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The Pursuit of Wellness LLC

 Telehealth therapy, peer support, ketamine,  and clinical supervision in Oregon


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Peer Support and Recovery Mentors

The Pursuit of Wellness is passionate about including the voices, stories, input, and valuable lived experiences of peer support specialists (PSS) and certified recovery mentors (CRM) in mental health services. We are building a team of amazing peers and recovery mentors, supervised by Nautilus Torello, PSS. Peer-delivered services have been around for decades, and continue to gain traction as more and more folx recognize its powerful impact on mental wellness and recovery (both from substance use and mental health challenges). Peers are people who identify as having personal mental health and/or recovery stories who come alongside others on their own journeys toward increased wellness. Check out the Oregon Health Authority's website to learn more.


Although therapy and peer support can supplement each other beautifully, you do not need to be enrolled in therapy at TPOW (or at all) to receive peer support here. For OHP members, peer services are free. For all others, the cost is $30 per hour for groups and/or individual peer support. Please contact Nautilus or Jen to get started. Scroll down to meet the peer team.










Please join us for our first peer drop-in group! Bring your morning coffee, tea, or water and join Jules on Mondays from 11am-12pm online. Chat with others about your weekend, plan the week ahead, and grow together through the empowering nature of peer support. Starting Monday, August 5. Contact Jules now to sign up!

Jessie Hyle, PSS,


  • They/she, queer
  • IPS certified Peer Support Specialist
  • Certified Recovery Mentor
  • Harm reduction trainer
  • Lived experience with mental health and neurodivergence
  • Sex positive and sex worker allied
  • Health At Every Size (HAES) allied 
  • Supports queer folks, ethical non-monogamy, and the kink community

Ali Koch, PSS


  • She/her
  • Peer support specialist
  • Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor
  • Yoga teacher
  • More info to come!

Jules Matragrano, BA,


  • All pronouns
  • Also the TPOW Administrative Assistant
  • Lived experience with mental health
  • Supports queer folks 
  • Runs a drop-in adult peer support group on Mondays at 11am online (starting August 5, 2024)

Nautilus Torello, PSS


  • He/they
  • Peer Services Supervisor
  • Oregon approved Intentional Peer Support (IPS) and Queer IPS trainer 
  • Supports the practice with building a peer-delivered services program
  • Provides supervision and co-reflection to the TPOW peer team
  • Trained in trauma-informed supervision