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The Pursuit of Wellness LLC

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Oregon & Washington

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  • Click here to participate in a 12-question anonymous feedback form about future groups for DID/OSDD!

  • NEW: Grief/loss group with Sarah on Monday nights starting March 18! 

  • Stay turned for more updates soon

Welcome to The Pursuit of Wellness! My name is Jen and I am a national certified counselor, certified clinical trauma professional, licensed professional counselor in Oregon, and a licensed mental health counselor in Washington. The Pursuit of Wellness team includes Jeanne-Marie, Sarah, Julia, and Reyah (who only see clients in Oregon). Currently, I am not taking new individual clients, but other team members may have openings. My work in advocacy, clinical support, and reducing stigma is focused on people who have dissociative identity disorder and/or other similar complex trauma or dissociative experiences. I also supervise registered associates working toward licensure in Oregon and can offer telehalth practicum and internship opportunities to masters-level counseling students.



Here's what you can find on this website: Our contact information on the Contact page, info on therapy groups for systems on the DID/OSDD page, therapist bios on the Meet the Team page, therapy info and rates on the Rates page, supervision, referrals, internships, and other info on the Supervision page,  and a giant list of phone numbers, websites, and definitions of key terms (such as "dissociation") on the Resources tab. 



We would be honored to share space with you, supporting you in pursuing wellness through this thing called therapy. We look forward to working with you and hope you will benefit from the resources and options we can offer. Please note : ALL services are virtual.